• SOUTHERN WINGS AIRCRAFT SALES LTD. Wiley Post Airport Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132 405-789-7402 sales@southernwingsaircraft.com 1965 Piper Cherokee 180 N253SW Airframe Total Time- 4521 Total Time Since New Engine- 109 SMOH - Lycoming O-360-A3A 180HP (2000 TBO) Exterior- Excellent Overall White with Chopper Red & Ice Silver Striping Interior- Excellent Gray Leather & Wool Seats with Gray Color Coordinated Side Panels and Gray Carpet Annual Inspection- Completed 4-2022 Fresh Transponder Certification April 2022 Avionics: 1 – Narco Mark12D Digital Nav-Com w/Glideslope 1 – King KX-145 Nav-Com w/Indicator 1 – Garmin 320 Transponder 1 - Sigtronics 4-Place Intercom 1 - Dual Push-To-Talk Additional Items: Glove Box 8-Day Clock Hobbs Meter Pilot Toe Brakes Pitot Heat Challenger Air Filter EGT All Logs Since New
  • 1978 Piper PA28-181 Archer N43810, S/N 28-7890023 Airframe Total Time- 3723 Hrs. Since New Engine- 281 HRS SMOH, 2000 TBO 180HP Prop – 208 SPOH Sensenich 76EM8S5-0-62 Annual Inspection- May 2021 Exterior – Excellent Overall White w/Jaded Green & Gold Stripping Interior – Excellent Light Beige Leather w/Matching Leather sidepanels Avionics: 1 – TKM MX11 Digital Flip-Flop Com 1 – Narco 121 Nav 1 – Garmin GPS 150 GPS 1 – Stratus ESG Transponder ADSB-Out Compliant 1 – Sigtronics Intercom Additional Items: Mid-Continent Digital Clock/Chronograph & Dual USB Charger EDM 700 4-Cyl. Engine Monitor W/OAT & Voltage RMD Wingtips w/Landing Lights Wing Root Fairing Wingtip Strobe Lights Avionics Master Digital Tach 406 ELT Hobbs Meter Crew Shoulder Harness Dual Push-To-Talk on Leather Wrapped Yokes Rosen Visors 12-Volt Receptacle/Cigarette Lighter Vent Fan Vertical Card Compass Dual Toe Brakes Stratus 3 ADSB-In for Ipad Mounted Under Panel All Logs Since New
  • SOUTHERN WINGS AIRCRAFT SALES LTD. 6701 N. Rockwell Hgr. 28 Oklahoma City, OK 73132 405-789-7402 N4616Z 1961 Piper Colt S/N 22-8130 Airframe Total Time, 2640 hrs Since New Engine, 135 SMOH, Lycoming O-235-C1B, 115 HP, 2400 TBO Annual Inspection, Completed April 2022 Exterior, Excellent Fabric painted Ivory w/Eagle Red, 2010 (during total restoration) Interior, Excellent Crème Leather with Red & Crème side panels. Avionics: Garmin GTR 225 Digital Com Garmin GTX 335 Transponder (ADSB-Out) Garmin 660 Touchscreen GPS, Panel Mounted Air Gizmo (ADSB-In) Garmin G5 Attitude Indicator Garmin GDL-52 ADSB-Receiver Additional Items: Dual Push to Talk buttons Avionics Master Electronics International Carb Temp/ OAT Gauge All New Circuit Breakers & Switches 18-Gallon Tanks (Long Range) Madris Wing Tips Plane Power Alternator Conversion ST This is the nicest Colt I have seen. Complete restoration in 2010, including fabric, paint and glass. All Logs Since New.
  • 1969 Piper Cherokee 180 N7949N, S/N 28-5365 Airframe Total Time-5692 Hrs Since New Engine -467 Hrs. Since Major Overhaul O-360-A4A Prop – 64 SOH Sensenich 76EM8S5-0-60 Annual Inspection- Completed 3-2022 Exterior- Excellent White w/Ruby, Blue & Silver Interior- Very Nice Blue Velour & Vinyl AVIONICS: 1-TKM MX-300 (new 2020) Digital Flip/Flop Nav Com w/Glideslope 1- TKM MX-300 Digital Flip/Flop Nav Com w/Indicator 1-Stratus ESG Transponder ADSB-Out 1-Stratus 3i ADSB-In Wifi 1-Collins ADF 1-PS Engineering Audio Panel w/3LMB, 4-Place Intercom w/Isolate 1-Century IIB Autopilot Coupled w/Nav Switching ADDITIONAL ITEMS: Dual Push-To-Talk Avionics Master Metco Wingtips Dual Landing Lights Wingtip Strobes Knots-2-U Wingroot Seals Knots-2-U Flap Gap Seals Knots-2-U Stabilator Gap Seals Knots-2-U Aileron Gap Seals Crew Shoulder Harness Alcor EGT 406 ELT 8-Day Clock No Damage History & All Logs Since New
  • SOUTHERN WINGS AIRCRAFT SALES LTD. 6701 N. ROCKWELL, HANGAR 28 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 73132 405-789-7402 2002 Cessna 182T Skylane N182DP S/N 18281124 Airframe Total Time- 1457 Hrs Since New Engine – 733 Hrs. Since Factory Reman, Lycoming IO-540-AB1A5 Prop – 360 Since New 3-Blade (Fresh Dynamic Balance) Annual Inspection- Completed 4-2022 Exterior- Near Perfect Overall White w/Blue, Green & Gray Stripping Interior- Excellent Gray Leather Seats & Side Panels AVIONICS: 1-Garmin G3X 10” Touchscreen MFD/Primary Flight Display 1-Garmin G3X 7” Touchscreen MFD/Primary Flight Display 1-Garmin G3X 7” Touchscreen Engine Indication System/Fuel Computer 1-Garmin GTN 650 Touchscreen WAAS/GPS Nav/Com 1-Garmin GNC 255 Nav/Com 1-Garmin GTX-345R Remote Transponder, ADSB In/Out 1-Garmin GSU25 Altimeter 1-Garmin G5 Back-Up EFI Attitude/Altimeter w/Battery 1-Garmin GMA 245R Remote Audio Panel, Bluetooth, Voice Recorder 1-Garmin GFC-500 Digital Autopilot, Vert. Speed, Alt. Preselect, Flight Director, LVL button, Go-Around Button, Approach, Trim, GPSS Steering ADDITIONAL ITEMS: 3-Garmin GSB 15 USB Charging Hubs Garmin GAD27 Landing Light Wig-Wag System & AOA w/Heated Probe Guardian Carbon Monoxide Detector Sky-Tec Light-Weight Starter This Beautiful, No Damage History, Skylane was used by Garmin to certify their newest equipment and then Garmin used this plane as their demo plane at Oshkosh.
  • Southern Wings Aircraft Sales 6701 N. Rockwell, Hgr. 28 Oklahoma City, OK 73132 N81JK S/N 414-0027 Airframe Total Time-7292 Hrs Since New Left Engine -1048 Hrs. Since Major Overhaul Right Engine -1143 Hrs. Since Major Overhaul Both Props – 90 SOH Annual Inspection- Completed 5-2021 Exterior- Nice Overall White w/Blue & Gray Stripping Interior- Custom 2-Tone Gray Leather seats & side panels AVIONICS: 1-Garmin GNS-430W, GPS, Nav Com 1-King KLN89B GPS 1-Garmin GTX-330 Transponder 1-King KT-76 Transponder 1-Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel 1-King KX-165 Digital Nav-Com w/Indicator 1-King KCS-55A HSI 1-Century III Autopilot w/Altitude and Flight Director 1-U-Avionix Tail Beacon ADSB-Out ADDITIONAL ITEMS: Color Radar Stowmscope JB Electric Air Conditioner Full De Ice, Horizontal & Inner Wing Boots, Alcohol W/S, Heated Props Shaddin Fuel Flow System Radar Altimeter Electric Clock Co-Pilot DG Polished Spinners 2- Executive Tables
  • SOUTHERN WINGS AIRCRAFT SALES LTD. 6701 N. ROCKWELL, HANGAR 28 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 73132 405-789-7402 1985 Cessna 182R Skylane N9490X, S/N 182-68538 Airframe Total Time- 4567 Hrs Since New Engine- 663 Hrs. SMOH Jewel STC, Cont O-470-U-JJA, 252HP, 2000 TBO Propeller- 663 Hrs. SOH Annual Inspection- Completed 12-2021 Exterior- Nice! Matterhorn White, Seminole Red, w/Gold Accents (2006) Interior- Nice! Beige & Brown Leather Seats & Side Panels (2006) AVIONICS: 1-Garmin GNS-430W, GPS, Nav Com 1-Stratus ESG Transponder (ADSB-Out) 1-Stratus 3 Bluetooth ADSB-In 1-King KMA-24 Audio Panel w/3LMB 1-Garmin G5 HSI/Nav Display w/Back-Up Battery 1-Garmin G5 Attitude Indicator w/Back-Up Battery 1-STEC 50 Autopilot, Coupled, Altitude Hold, GPSS Steering ADDITIONAL ITEMS: Electronics International Digital OAT EI UBG-16T Digital Engine Monitor EI Digital Fuel Flow/Totalizer Door Steward Door Shock Precision Flow Air Vents Vacuum System Removed Electric Clock Stratus 2-Port USB Charging Port Knots-2-U Nose Gear Fairing Avionics Master Sigtronics 4-Place Intercom SAIB Portable Cup Holder/Console (Holds O2 & Fire Extinguisher) Wheelpants & Fairings All Logs Since New
  • 1963 BEECHCRAFT MUSKETEER 23 N2329L S/N M-160 Airframe Total Time, 4093 hrs Since New Engine, 824 hrs Since Lower End Overhaul, 1102 Since Top Overhaul. 2985.5 SMOH 160 HP Lycoming O-320, 2000 hr TBO Annual Inspection, Completed January 2021 Exterior, Overall White with Black and Gold Trim Interior, Gray Fabric seats, Gray carpets and side panels Avionics: ICS Nav- Com King KLN-35A GPS Garmin GTX-320A Transponder Encoding Altimeter Push to talk buttons Garmin GDL-82 ADSB-Out Additional Items: Red Strobe on Rudder and Belly White Wing Tip Strobes Madris Wing Tips Alternator Conversion Pitot Heat Redesigned instrument panel with late style gyros Electronics International Digital EGT 58 Gallon fuel tanks Cleveland Wheels and Brakes Excellent time builder or training aircraft. All Logs Since New.
  • 1973 Piper Arrow 200 N15919 Total Airframe- 3660 Hours Since New Engine – 319 SMOH, 5 SIRAN by America’s Aircraft Engines (due to excessive oil burn) Propeller – 2108 SPOH 80 hrs. Since Eddy Current Insp. Condition Inspection- Completed October 2021 Exterior – Fair Overall White w/ Red & Gold Stripping Interior- Nice 2-Tone Leather with matching 2sidepanels and carpet in Beige & Brown. Sheepskin Front Seat Covers. AVIONICS: 1-Garmin 430W GPS/Nav-Com 1-Garmin 106B Nav-Glideslope Indicator 1-Mitchel MX-170B Digital Flip-Flop Nav-Com 1-King KT-74 Mode S Transponder ADSB-Out 1-King KMA-20 Audio panel w/3LMB 1-Sigtronics Portable 2-Place Intercom 1-Piper Autocontrol III Autopilot w/Selector 1-STEC 30 Altitude Hold ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: JPI EDM-700 4-Cyl. Engine Monitor w/Voltage & OAT JPI Panel Mounted Data Port Avionics Master Electric Trim Crew Shoulder Harness Landing Gear Inspection Mirror Recent Thick Windshields Co-Pilot Vent Window Hobbs Meter All Logs Since New, No Damage History
  • 1973 CESSNA 414 RAM VI N1637T, S/N 414-0417 Airframe Total Time-6925 Hrs Since New Both Engines-779 Hrs. Since RAM Reman, 1600 TBO Both Propellers-779 Hrs. Since New Hartzell C3YF Annual Inspection- Completed 10-2021 Exterior- Split Base Design, Tibetan Gold, Black Velvet, Dark Saddle Interior-Beige & Brown Leather seats & side panels AVIONICS: 2-Garmin GNS-530W, GPS, Nav Com 1-Garmin GTX-327 Transponder 1-Garmin GDL-69XM Weather System 1-Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel 1-Garmin GMX-200 Multi Function Display 1-King KCS-55A HSI 1-King KN-65 DME 1-Stec-3100 Digital Autopilot w/Auto Trim ADDITIONAL ITEMS: New Instrument Panel W/Back Lighted Instruments JB Electric Air Conditioner Full De Ice Boots, Alcohol W/S, Heated Propellers Shaddin Fuel Flow System JPI Digital Engine Monitor Davtron Digital Clock Full CP Panel Polished Spinners 2- Executive Tables
  • SOUTHERN WINGS AIRCRAFT SALES LTD. 6701 N. ROCKWELL, HANGAR 28 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 73132 405-789-7402 1990 Beechcraft Bonanza F33A N898WP S/N: CE-1513 Airframe Total Time: 3054 Hours Since New Engine: 1500 Hours Since Major Overhaul, Teledyne Continental IO-550B, 300 HP, 1600 TBO Propeller: 3 Blade McCauley With De Ice, 2000 SOH Annual Inspection: Completed January 2022 Exterior: Beautiful Snow White, Claret Red, Dark Carmel, & Dark Green Interior: Elegant & Beautiful, Beige Leather Seats and Side Panels, Dark Green Carpets AVIONICS: 1-Garmin G500 PFD/MFD W/Synthetic Vision, Chartview, AP Preselect 1-Garmin G-5 Backup AH 1-Garmin GNS530W GPS Nav-Com 1-Garmin GNS430W GPS Nav-Com 2-Garmin GTN 330ES Transponders W/ Encoders & ADSB Out 1-Garmin GI 106 Nav Loc GPS Indicator 1-Garmin GDL 69A Data Link Receiver For Sirus/XM Weather 1-Garmin GDL 39-3 Dual Channel ADSB In/Synthetic Vision, Battery Backup 1-Garmin Flight Stream 210 Data Interconnect 1-Pro Scan FMS 2000 Systems W/Audio Alert 1-King KRA 10 Radar Altimeter 1-WX-500 Stormscope 1-Avidyne TAS 600 TCAD, Display on G500, 530W & 430W 1-PS Engineering 8000BT Audio Panel W/Last Transmission Readback, Bluetooth 1-STEC 55X Digital Autopilot W/ Altitude Preselect and Electric Trim ADDITIONAL ITEMS: Factory air conditioning, 13,000BTU, API conversion air kit, updated compressor and accessories. Large metal eyeball AC vents. General Technics CYA-100 Angle Of Attack system 100 amp alternator BC410 - 20 amp standby alternator w/ auto transfer JPI 930 Primary Engine analyzer Co-Pilot brakes Airwolf Air/Oil Separator Teledyne Supreme fuel injectors Heated pitot Flap and aileron gap seals - Knots 2U Ltd. Flush mount fuel drains Lean Find fuel/oxygen sensor (10 second ROP leaning) CIES digital fuel senders inboard and outboard Whelen Orion 650E wingtip LED strobe/nav lights Whelen Orin 500V tail strobe/nav light Whelen LED wingtip recognition/landing lights with pulse mode Whelen 70900005 top and bottom high intensity LED flasher beacons Whelen PAR 36 LED taxi light LoPresti Boom Beam landing light Custom annunciator lights for standby alternator and gear warning Remote landing gear transit and down indicator lights (lower left panel) Rosen sun visors Thermal pane tinted window inserts ½” inch tinted windshield Precision flat card compass CO Guardian remote CO2 detector (updated 3.21) RAM ball mounts on control column(s) Chrome ‘B’ logo cabin step Door steward Charger/maintainer fused quick disconnect Halogen fire extinguisher Powder coated yokes with leather covers Pilot yoke switches: autopilot off, autopilot interrupt, PTT, GNS530W frequency transfer, GTX330ES #1-2 transponder ID, map/compass/OAT lighting on/off. Co-pilot PTT in panel Davtron clock/timer in pilot yoke Standby altimeter, airspeed Kannad 406AF ELT Dual 3 channel audio mixers New com #1 (top) antenna and VOR/LOC/GS blade antennas (tail) 8.20 4 place Bose LEMO headset panel connectors 28-12 VDC converter for rear seats entertainment with USB Guardian dual USB power ports (replaces cigar lighter port in panel) Garmin dual USB power ports (replaces suction gauge) Winter engine baffles POH 2 volumes
  • 1979 Piper PA28RT-201T, Turbo Arrow IV N8075H, S/N 28R-7931299 Airframe Total Time-4525 Hours Since New Engine-825 Hours Since Factory Overhaul, 1800 TBO Propeller- 916 Hours Since Overhaul, 3 Blade Hartzell Exterior-Overall White, with Red Blue And Gray, Original and Excellent Interior-Blue Seats, with Blue Carpets and Side Panels, Orig. & Very Nice AVIONICS: 1-Garmin 430W GPS/Nav Com 1-Garmin SL30 Nav Com 1-Garmin GTX 345 Transponder W/ADSB in & out 1-Garmin GMH 340 Audio Panel 1-Collins DME 1-Collins ADF 1-STEC 55X Autopilot ADDITIONAL ITEMS: ELT W/Remote Switching Hardwired/Antenna for Garmin 496 EGT Avionics Master Davtron Chronometer Strobe Lights Dual Toe Brakes Cabin Vent Fan All logs Since New No Damage History Always Hangared


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